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Below is a list of current job openings at Heritage Enterprises. Please click on an opening in the list to view details and apply.

*IT Help Desk - Support SpecialistInformation TechnologyHeritage Enterprises Inc. - Bloomington, IL
Acitivity AideActivitiesVonderlieth Living Center - Mt. Pulaski, IL
Activities AssistantActivitiesIllinois Knights Templar Home - Paxton, IL
Activity AideActivitiesHeritage Health - Bloomington, IL
Activity AideActivitiesHeritage Health - Walnut, IL
Activity AideActivitiesHeritage Health - Springfield, IL
Activity Assistant ActivitiesEvergreen Crossing - Indianapolis, IN
Building Services CoordinatorMaintenanceEvergreen Place - Orland Park, IL
Caregiver/CNANursingEvergreen Place - Litchfield, IL
CNANursingEvergreen Place - Chillicothe, IL
CNANursingHeritage Health - Jacksonville, IL
CNANursingHeritage Health - Mt. Zion, IL
CNANursingBurnsides Community Health Center - Marshall, IL
CNANursingEvergreen Crossing - Indianapolis, IN
CNANursingHeritage Health - LaSalle, IL
CNANursingHeritage Health - Staunton, IL
CNANursingHeritage Health - Bloomington, IL
CNANursingHeritage Health - El Paso, IL
CNANursingHeritage Health - Beardstown, IL
CNANursingCountry Health - Gifford, IL
CNANursingHeritage Health - Hoopeston, IL
CNANursingHeritage Health - Streator, IL
CNANursingHeritage Health - Gillespie, IL
CNANursingHeritage Health - Pana, IL
CNANursingVillas Sheltered Care (West) - Sherman, IL
CNANursingEvergreen Place - Streator, IL
CNANursingSunny Acres Nursing Home - Petersburg, IL
CNANursingHeritage Health - Peru, IL
CNANursingEvergreen Village - Normal, IL
CNANursingHeritage Health - Litchfield, IL
CNANursingIllinois Knights Templar Home - Paxton, IL
CNANursingGlenhaven Gardens - Alton, IL
CNANursingHeritage Health - Mt. Sterling, IL
CNANursingHeritage Health - Robinson, IL
CNA - New Starting Wage!NursingVonderlieth Living Center - Mt. Pulaski, IL
CNA - New Starting Wage!NursingVillas Senior Care (East) - Sherman, IL
CNA - New Starting Wage!NursingMason City Area Nursing Home - Mason City, IL
CNA - New Starting Wage!NursingHeritage Health - Chillicothe, IL
CNA - New Starting Wage!NursingHeritage Health - Carlinville, IL
CNA - New Starting Wage!!NursingHeritage Health - Minonk, IL
CNA - New Starting Wage!!NursingSt. Clara's Manor - Lincoln, IL
CNA - New Wage!NursingOdd Fellow-Rebekah Home - Mattoon, IL
CNA - Weekend ProgramNursingHeritage Health - Staunton, IL
CNAsNursingEvergreen Place - Decatur, IL
CNAsNursingHeritage Health - Springfield, IL
CNAsNursingRutledge Regency - Springfield, IL
CNAs - We Need You!!NursingHeritage Health - Gibson City, IL
Community Relations CoordinatorAdmissions/Business Office/ReceptionistEvergreen Place - Decatur, IL
CookFood ServicesEvergreen Crossing - Indianapolis, IN
CookFood ServicesHeritage Health - Walnut, IL
CookFood ServicesVillas Sheltered Care (West) - Sherman, IL
CookFood ServicesVonderlieth Living Center - Mt. Pulaski, IL
CookFood ServicesHeritage Health - Minonk, IL
CookFood ServicesGlenhaven Gardens - Alton, IL
Cooks/ServersFood ServicesEvergreen Place - Chillicothe, IL
Culinary Services CoordinatorFood ServicesEvergreen Place - Orland Park, IL
Culinary Services CoordinatorFood ServicesEvergreen Place - Litchfield, IL
Dietary AideFood ServicesBurnsides Community Health Center - Marshall, IL
Dietary AideFood ServicesHeritage Health - Mt. Sterling, IL
Dietary AideFood ServicesIllinois Knights Templar Home - Paxton, IL
Dietary AideFood ServicesVillas Senior Care (East) - Sherman, IL
Dietary AideFood ServicesCountry Health - Gifford, IL
Dietary AideFood ServicesSunny Acres Nursing Home - Petersburg, IL
Dietary AideFood ServicesRutledge Regency - Springfield, IL
Dietary AideFood ServicesVillas Sheltered Care (West) - Sherman, IL
Dietary ManagerFood ServicesHeritage Health - Chillicothe, IL
Director of NursingNursingEvergreen Place - Orland Park, IL
Director of NursingNursingColonial Manor - Danville, IL
Director of NursingNursingHeritage Health - Chillicothe, IL
Floor TechnicianMaintenanceHeritage Health - Litchfield, IL
Food ServerFood ServicesEvergreen Place - Litchfield, IL
Food ServerFood ServicesEvergreen Village - Normal, IL
Housekeeping AideHousekeeping/LaundryEvergreen Place - Chillicothe, IL
Housekeeping AideHousekeeping/LaundryHeritage Health - El Paso, IL
Housekeeping AideHousekeeping/LaundryEvergreen Village - Normal, IL
Housekeeping AideHousekeeping/LaundryHeritage Health - Bloomington, IL
Housekeeping/ Laundry AideHousekeeping/LaundryHeritage Health - Walnut, IL
Housekeeping/Laundry AideHousekeeping/LaundryHeritage Health - Pana, IL
Housekeeping/Laundry AideHousekeeping/LaundryRutledge Regency - Springfield, IL
Housekeeping/Laundry SupervisorHousekeeping/LaundryHeritage Health - Robinson, IL
Laundry AideHousekeeping/LaundryHeritage Health - El Paso, IL
Laundry/Housekeeping AideHousekeeping/LaundryHeritage Health - Staunton, IL
Legacy CoordinatorNursingEvergreen Place - Orland Park, IL
Life Enrichment CoordinatorActivitiesEvergreen Place - Orland Park, IL
Life Enrichment CoordinatorAdmissions/Business Office/ReceptionistEvergreen Place - Streator, IL
LPNNursingOdd Fellow-Rebekah Home - Mattoon, IL
LPN - New Starting Wage!NursingHeritage Health - Jacksonville, IL
LPNsNursingVillas Sheltered Care (West) - Sherman, IL
Maintenance AssistantMaintenanceHeritage Health - Robinson, IL
MDS Assistant / Floor NurseNursingIllinois Knights Templar Home - Paxton, IL
MDS CoordinatorNursingIllinois Knights Templar Home - Paxton, IL
Memory Care Activity AideActivitiesEvergreen Place - Decatur, IL
Office ManagerAdmissions/Business Office/ReceptionistHeritage Health - Mt. Sterling, IL
Patient Care CoordinatorNursingRutledge Regency - Springfield, IL
Qualified Medication AideNursingEvergreen Crossing - Indianapolis, IN
Restorative CNANursingHeritage Health - Minonk, IL
RNNursingHeritage Health - Bloomington, IL
RNNursingHeritage Health - Jacksonville, IL
RNNursingHeritage Health - Peru, IL
RNNursingEvergreen Crossing - Indianapolis, IN
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Heritage Enterprises is proud to provide the senior population in Illinois and Indiana with rehabilitative therapy services, skilled nursing care, specialized Alzheimer's and dementia care, assisted and supportive living, independent living and pharmacy services.

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